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Sazhie is a network of therapist who love giving massages. Our average therapist earns between $55.00 and $85.00 on average for a simple one hour massage.


The faster you grow your feedback from client reviews, the higher people will be willing to pay to have you massage them.


There is no license requirements to join Sazhie, sign up today and get ready to give your first massage tonight!

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“Massage has always interested me, I am not licensed but I have been told that I give a great massage!
I work hard at my day job, but do this part time to bring in an extra income.
I am great with people and am very compassionate, I enjoy making people feel better and making a difference!
I do not have my own location and because I have children at home I only do outcall, which works better for you so that you never have to leave!

I look forward to meeting you soon!”

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to provide anything?

If you are doing a massage, you should have your own lotion/oil for the massage.

Can I give a massage on a bed?

Yes, but only if you don’t have a massage table that you can bring with you.  They are as cheap as 50.00 on amazon

Who pays me?

The client pays you everything but the $10 fee we charged his card. For example, if you bid $85, then you would collect $75 (and, hopefully, a tip).

Do I have to be licensed?

Not at all, some of the best massages I have had were from non licensed therapist, just be good at what you do.

does higher reviews equal higher money?

People pay for quality.  The higher you rate the more money you can make.  If you would like to learn how to build your profile, send us a email at support@sazhie.com.  We can help you climb to the top.

What are the benefits of using this service?

-Feedback and reviews
-Know who’s coming to you
-Best price for your massage and time frame
-Eliminates the search and countless emails/phone calls

What location do you service?

For a current list of locations please click on Locations Tab on the top of the page.

What do I do if I need to cancel a massage?

If your bid is accepted and you cancel the massage, you will be charged a $10 fee. To help everyone who bids and accepts bids, you will not be allowed to bid on massages again until you pay the fee.

Can I rebook directly with the client?

Shame on you…you know the answer to that. If you are caught doing it your account will be terminated. Plus you don’t get the reviews

Does Sazhie check in on us?

If you would like you can send us an email or call us when you arrive and we can follow up with you at the end of your massage. Just give us the best number to reach you at.