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Independent local therapists bid to do your massage

You post your massage for “FREE” and start getting bids from therapists within minutes. You only pay if you hire a therapist.

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Review profiles & feedback of the therapists.

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How would you like to relax?


A gentle technique, rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue is for great easing persistent muscle discomfort by targets the deeper layers of muscles, tendons, and fascia.


Focusing on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements.


Side-by-side massages with two therapists who work on each individual at the same time or one at a time.

Hot Stone

Heated, smooth stones are placed on certain points on the body to warm and loosen tight muscles and balance energy


With a custom massage you can create your own massage experience to relax your mind, body and soul.

Customer feedback

“I just tried this service for the first time.  Wow! what a hit.  I got a great price and was able to see the reviews. Incredible service. “

Tony H, Denver, CO

“What a cool idea, make them bid for my massage, I love it! I had a great massage and will be back”

Katie A, Denver, CO

“To think, I was paying 125.00 for a massage, this is a amazing service. I love watching the bids come in “

Robert B, Denver, CO

A network of independent therapists

Sazhie is a network of independent massage therapist who bid to do your massage. No more need for searching on countless sites or overpaying because you can’t find what you’re looking for. With our therapist reviews, you will know how good your massage is going to be before you book it.


Sazhie charges the therapist not the client 20% of each massage and the rest goes to therapist. Allowing the therapist to pocket more money than any other massage service online today.


Let the therapist bid for you business or browse all the local therapists and request a quote from them.


Sazhie, giving you the freedom to get what you want, when you want it, with who you want!