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What’s a Couples Massage?

A couples massage happens when you and a loved one lay on two massage tables positioned close to each other to enjoy a massage session. Without a doubt, a romantic dinner is an excellent date idea, but probably it’s the time to try something new. You will not find a better way to spend some quality time together with your beau than in a couples massage. Why not relax and take care of your bodies together?





What to Expect During a Couples Massage
A couples massage differs from an individual’s massage in that you’ll share a suite with your loved one. In a spa, you have access to a variety of services and amenities including a shower, a hot tub, a lounging area and more, all for you.


You’re free to choose the massage technique you want given that there are two therapists involved. Before entering the massage room, be sure to clarify a few issues. For instance, seek to know the genders of the massage therapist and ask for reassignment so that you’re both comfortable during the session. Seek clarification on the parts that will be massaged, and the level of nudity involved and your therapist will do exactly that.


In a couples massage, the lights are dimmed while they tune some soft romantic music. You can request that the music volume gets lowered or the lights get adjusted. Once the session is over, your therapists will signal you after which you can proceed to redress.


Relationship Benefits of a Couples Massage

• An excellent way to reconnect and strengthen your bond is to have a couples massage.

• It rekindles the affection that probably might be swaying due to the pressure of work and other stresses of life.
• If one of your partners has never experienced a relaxing, soothing massage before, a couples massage will blow them away.
• A couples massage will is a real way to explore together and helps you break from the monotonous routine.


Health Benefits of a Couples Massage

Couples Massage

Just like any other massage type, a couples massage brings many benefits that include the following;
• Relieve muscle tension and pain
• Alleviate stress
• Relieve tension headaches
• Improve immune system
• Boost exercise performance


Making the Most Out Of Your Couples Massage
If you want to optimize your massage session, be sure to arrive there early to cut down any tension and anxiety. Also, make sure that you’re reading from the same script with your partner. Arrive there when you’re sober. Set aside all your troubles and enjoy the moment.


Wrap Up
Book a massage session today and enjoy a romantic moment with your partner alone. It’s healthy for your relationship and health.