Deep Tissue Massage




Deep tissue massage at Sazhie

What’s Deep Tissue Massage?
Deep tissue is a type of massage based on the use of firm pressure and slow strokes to reach the deep layers of the muscles and fascia. Fascia is a web of connective tissues that surround, support and penetrate the entire muscles, bones, nerves, and organs. The primary goal of the deep tissue massage is to ease the chronic pain prevalent when you have a stiff neck, back pain, extreme leg tightness, and aching shoulders.


What to Expect in a Deep Tissue Massage Session
Deep tissue massage focuses primarily on rehabilitation rather than relaxation. The technique requires that you lie on your back or stomach. Initially, your massage therapist will apply slight pressure on the tight and dormant muscles to warm them up.


After that, he/she will apply firm but slow strokes aimed at reaching the deep layers of the muscles. The therapist will use elbows, knuckles, forearm, and thumb to ensure deep gliding pressure along the length of the muscle tissue, a technique known as stripping. Then friction kicks in where the massage therapist applies pressure across the muscles, a procedure that helps to release the knots, stress and then realigns the tissue fibers.


And since the technique involves movements against the alignment of the muscles rather than moving along with them, you should expect some slight pain. However, if the pain is intense, be sure to inform your therapist.


Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue

• It’s very effective at lowering the blood pressure

• Deep tissue massage helps to reduce stress and anxiety by boosting the release of oxytocin
• It lowers the symptoms of fibromyalgia that include pain and excessive tenderness
• This massage technique is known for its ability to relieve the upper and back pain and improve posture
• Those dealing with joint conditions such as arthritis can use deep tissue massage to alleviate the pain, improve joint movements and the daily quality of life.
• Deep tissue massage therapy has been shown to break down tissue scars, internal or external


Is Deep Tissue Massage Safe?
Deep tissue massage is very safe. However, the chances are high you’ll experience some discomfort and even pain. The distress is part of the healing process as the technique involves applying lots of pressure.
Besides, some people experience swelling and inflammation in the stretched muscles. These aftereffects are not unique to deep tissue massage only and are 100 percent normal.


Final Thoughts
While deep tissue massage can be challenging, its therapeutic benefits are immense. If you have an issue related to tight muscle and back pain, deep tissue massage will most likely correct it.