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Thank you for your payment. Your massage is set.


We have reached out to your therapist to notify them of the confirmed appointment Your therapist will be either calling you or texting you shortly to finalize the travel details. If you don't hear from , feel free to send a text message to .


Steps to Getting the Most Out of Your Massage


Step 1: Attending Your Scheduled AppointmentMeet with your therapist for your scheduled appointment at the agreed upon location.


Step 2: Reviews and FeedbackPlease return to our website to share your experience of the session. This helps others to choose a therapist that best fits their needs.


Step 3: Tip Your Therapist
If you were happy with your massage, after you leave your feedback, you will be directed to the tip page. Here you can leave a 10%, 15% 20% or enter your own tip amount for the therapist based on the quality of the massage. No need to get cash for them, we got you covered. The therapist gets 100% of their tips.


Step 4: Scheduling Your Next Appointment
We hope you love your massage and feel revitalized. If you'd like to treat yourself to another relaxing session, please return to our site to post your next massage!


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us at 303 476 2471.