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An overview of bidding on massages through Sazhie.

Work when you want.
Make what you need!

The Sazhie platform is a smart system based on bidding, whereby you give your bid to clients who are seeking to get a massage. The average therapist earns about $110 per an hour including tip. though some are higher and lower based on the requirements.

  • Freedom to work when you want. You have the freedom to bid on any massages you like based on your own preferences, location preferences and time constraints.
  • You tell clients what your worth, not us! True independent contractors set their own prices. Unlike other massage companies, we don’t tell you what your worth.
  • It is not the lowest bid that wins. 89.5% of our therapists are hired with an average price of $93.50 for a one hour massage.  This means just about 90% of our clients don’t hire the cheapest therapist.
No, you can only see your own bids. Your bid should be based upon what you feel that your time and talent are worth.

No. In fact, they rarely do.


You might think that clients will always think with their wallets. But the clients who use our site are looking for value. They’re not just looking for a “cheap massage.”


Value means the highest quality for the lowest price.


Demonstrate that you have a lot to offer. Get great reviews on our site. And clients will see your service as worth more.


They’ll be willing to pay more to get your service. And they’ll still feel like it’s a great value.

Get hired quickly

Sazhie makes it easy to connect with clients, begin doing massages and earning what your worth.

  • Browse open massages. You will be notified via text alerts when there is a new massage requested posted in your area.  Some clients would be seeking massages the same day so the sooner you review it the better.
  • Place your bid. Once you are ready, place your bid.  Stats shows, the sooner the better in most cases.
  • Message the client. Once you review the massage posting, if you have additional questions you are free to send a message to the client through Sazhie messaging system. (We don’t allow therapist to post contact info before the client hires you or your account will be deleted.)
What should I look for in a client?

We have several measures in place to ensure Sazhie is a fair and reliable marketplace. We use multiple means to verify that the clients are who they say they are. Feedback is also displayed on the profile of each client from past therapist they have seen through Sazhie if applicable.


1. On your profile, share a bit about how you got into massage, why you enjoy it and why they should pick you.


2. Identify your strength areas, such as type of massage you’re most experienced with, technique you’re most skilled at, etc.


3. Bid on a massage as soon as you receive the alert: you never know when someone’s going to pick from the first bids available. Increase your chances of being seen by monitoring the site regularly.


4. Have an inviting profile: a warm, personable “About Me” section can go a long way.


5. Upload a professional, yet approachable profile picture. Smile, appear open and friendly.


6. Each bid should be personalized. But having a pre-written pitch that you modify to address the client’s specific requests can save you time. When you save time, you can bid on more auctions and have a better chance to win more sessions.

Can I edit my bid?

If anything changes like going from 60 min to 90 min or location, you might want to change your bid.  This can only be done before being hired.   Just go to the page where you placed the bid, and there will be a edit button.  Click that and change the amount then submit and your done.

What % of the money do I get to keep?

Sazhie keeps 25% of your bid price.  For example, if you bid $100.00, you will get $75 and Sazhie will get$25.


If that same client tips you through the site, you will get 100% of the earned tip.

Earn 5% for life!

Let’s face it, everyone has a Rolodex in their phone so why not make use of it? For every person you refer to Sazhie who signs up to do massages, we will pay you 5% of every massage they do. It’s that simple!


For example, if you refer 10 people who sign up and each one of them does 5 massages a month with an $85 average price per massage, you will earn $212.50 and you don’t have to lift one finger. There is no limit to the amount of referrals you send to us.


  • Get weekly payouts. We will pay you weekly for the earnings you make in referrals from the massage done.
  • Easy reporting.  Login to your account for an easy to understand reporting and see how much your making each day.

Remember, for therapist, if you don’t win the massage you bidded on and someone you refereed does, you still win!

Get paid easily, with peace of mind

Before you get notified that you have been hired on Sazhie, the client must submit the full payment to us,  at that time, we will notify you.

  • Get paid each week.   We pay our therapist each Friday via direct deposit.
  • Your earnings.  We report your earnings in real time.  There is no delay for your records.
Do clients pay tips in cash?

The client is free to tip you in cash, but can also tip on the card used to book the massage.   Don’t worry, we don’t take anything from the tip.  You earned it.


No, you’re considered an independent contractor. Because you’re an independent contractor, we don’t withhold taxes. It will be your responsibility to report the income that you earn through Sazhie and pay any taxes that you may owe.

Leave feedback

Once your massage is complete, the last step is to leave feedback for your client. You will rate your client from 1-5 stars and add your comments (only therapist can see the comments left by other therapist, not the clients) so other therapist can see it when reviewing weather to bid on that client. Once this step is complete, and the client leaves you feedback, we will then close the massage.

Why does the client need to leave me feedback?

We require the client to leave you feedback to confirm the massage was completed.   We are not there so we really don’t know the massage is over till the feedback is left.

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