Finding work as a massage therapist

Finding work as a massage therapist


Finding work as a massage therapist can be a stressful task. Often parlors dole out their work based on seniority or ranking amongst their therapists. Luckily has created a system that alleviates this problem altogether. Through using Sazhie, massage therapists are able to create profiles and bid on massage jobs based on the type of job and what is needed. Obtaining jobs has never been easier than it is with Sazhie.

What Types of Massages are Available?

At Sazhie customers are able to post looking for a large variety of massage types. Whether it be a body rub, swedish massage, or sports massage, customers are able to determine exactly what type of massage they want and leave specific instructions for massage therapists that wish to bid on them. This means you as the massage therapist are able to choose whatever job you feel the most comfortable with. So many massage therapists complain about parlors forcing them to do jobs the therapist is not comfortable with, at Sazhie you choose the job based on the description provided, otherwise clients are also able to choose you specifically based on the services you list.

One Click Away From a Job

Sazhie makes sure that customers are only one click away and able to access your profile. You can easily register as a therapist on Sazhie by simply clicking “become a therapist” and creating your profile for the world to see. Those seeing you will also be limited to your location and will know what services you are willing to provide. Sazhie also makes it easy for you and your customers to find each other via the Sazhie app on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store (coming soon). This will allow Sazhie to be available on phones and on the go. Your profile details exactly how good a therapist you are via client feedback, so make sure to encourage clients to visit and review your job once it is completed.

Get Bidding Today!

At Sazhie you get to look for the exact job you wish to bid on and get to enjoy the thrill of winning over a client to provide services for. All you need to do is wait for a client to post their requirements and then within minutes you are able to bid against other therapists to provide services based off of the clients needs. Don’t go through the hassle of a difficult agency anymore. or wasting time on Craigslist. Get setup on today, start winning bids, and earning the money you deserve!


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