Sazhie, an Innovative Way to Get the Massage of Your Dreams

Sazhie, an Innovative Way to Get the Massage of Your Dreams

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Is your back killing you? What about your legs and arms? Fear not! Sazhie offers a truly innovative way for you to get a massage tailored directly to your body’s needs. Gone are the days of heading into a massage parlor and dealing with long waits and uncomfortable environments. With Sazhie you are able to put your required massage up to be chosen by the lowest bidder, getting you a massage you like by a massage therapist you can trust.

How Does It Work?

Sazhie is unlike other massage scheduling sites. Scheduling a massage through Sazhie couldn’t be easier! Simply post the massage you desire, be it a deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, or anything else. Sazhie has a slew of massage therapists at the ready who bid on your custom massage once your requirements are posted. This system was created to alleviate the hassle of finding a place to suit your needs. Customers in need of a massage tend to dislike the take it or leave it services provided by traditional massage parlours and this is where Sazhie comes in, allowing for any need to be met.

Independent Therapists at the Ready

The massage therapists on Sazhie make up a network that are able to bid on massage jobs in need or simply post their own service listing. Sazhie simply takes a 20% fee from the therapist and allows the massage therapist to then keep the rest. The Sazhie bid system makes it a fantastic way for massage therapists to earn more than they would sharing their business on other sites or working at a traditional massage parlor.

Get Your Dream Massage Today!

If you can’t tell by now, simplicity really is the theme at! With the large number of therapists on hand it has never been easier to receive a massage of your dreams. Trust us, sitting back and watching bids come in on a massage job that you need completed is extremely rewarding. Once the bidding process is complete, massage is schedule, and the therapist begins there work, you will be in absolute bliss! Don’t hold onto stress, post a job on today

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