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What if Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen could've played alongside prime Derrick Rose? How many titles would the Celtics have won if Larry Bird and Bill Russell were on the same team? Imagine LeBron James taking his talents to South Beach to team up not only with Dwyane Wade, but Tim Hardaway and Alonzo Mourning too.

We asked our NBA writers to come up with an all-time starting five for every current NBA franchise, along with one additional blast from the past. Only a player's contributions during his time with that franchise were considered (so, no, Jordan isn't on the Wizards' list).

In this era of "positionless" basketball, traditional positions don't matter quite as much as they used to, so we allowed some flexibility in choosing a lineup -- but you won't see teams with four centers or three point guards. The idea was to dive into each team's history and create a group that could at least potentially share the floor together.

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05/20/2020                    290-302                                  Massage Needed Bad                       4                                        06/10/2020                              X

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Megan                    290-192                                  Massage Tonight                                 04/10/2020                             

The owner was really nice and I enjoyed the time we spent talking.  He is a really cool person and I would be more than happy to see him again.  His place is a bit hard to find but finally found it.

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