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Fill this form out to post a request for local therapists to bid on your massage.   You can then message back and forth till you get all your questions answered!
Note:  Do not post for any sexual services or your account will be deleted!

Massage Title

Date Requested


Time Requested


Remember, posting a massage does not mean you have to purchase it.   Only if you find someone you like and the price you like, then you can hire them.


Post Massage box -  Leave this, its just instructions


Title field is text only, 

The location is dropdown, options are.  "Outcall - I Go To You"      or    "Incall - You Come To Me"     By default have it show "Select"

Date:   will be dropdown, options are.    "ASAP"   " 1 to 3 Days"   "4 to 7 Days"    "1 - 2 Weeks"   

Time:   will be dropdown, options are.    "7am - 10am"   " 11am - 2pm"   "3pm - 6pm"    "7pm - 11pm"   

Description-  will be text box

Once they submit, store it and send them back to their dashboard.     Please name this page  "post-massage"

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