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Origin of Swedish Massage
Although there are many types of massage, Swedish massage remains the most recognized and widely used category of massage the world over. Per Henrik Ling takes the credit for developing Swedish massage in the 1700s.


What’s Swedish Massage?
Also christened ‘Classic massage,’ Swedish massage involves the use of different techniques varying from light to vigorous that have to be followed to the latter for the desired results. The primary goal of Swedish massage is to soothe your muscles to leave you relaxed and to boost the circulation.


5 Techniques of Swedish Massage
Swedish massage makes use of stroke styles to derive the pleasant sensations. These are;
Effleurage – this style or technique involves gliding and sliding using low sweeping strokes that cover all the key parts of the body. Your therapist will then alternate between light and firm pressure either using the palms, thumbs or the fingertips. That breaks the knots and tension in the muscles.
Petrissage – in this technique, the massage therapist makes kneading movements using the thumbs and knuckles to reach the deep muscles.
Friction – the massage therapist rubs his/her hands vigorously together or on your body to generate heat to warm the muscles on treatment.
Rhythmic Tapping – your therapist will use the fist of capped hands (side of the hand) to make consistent rhythmic tapping to loosen and relax the muscles.
Vibration – Lastly, this technique involves making back and forth movements using fingers tips or even the heels of the hands to loosen the muscles.


What to Expect during a Swedish Massage

During your session, your therapist will allow you time to undress privately and then cover yourself with a towel. Let your therapist know if you feel too exposed. A professional therapist will assess complexion of your skin to apply only the oils or lotions that suit your skin. Then he/she will massage different parts of your body using the different strokes mentioned above. You might meet a therapist who likes music. If you’re not comfortable with the music, don’t hesitate to talk.


Relaxing Swedish Massage

Relaxing Swedish Massage

Health Benefits of Swedish Massage
• Enhances blood circulation • Grants you holistic body relaxation
• Boosts your overall immune system
• Speeds up the recovery from injury and illnesses
• Improves the complexion of your skin


Swedish Massage is Right for You If You;
Want to improve the emotional and mental stress, improve circulation, and reduce muscular strain.


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Swedish massage is holistic in that it covers many aspects. It will not only help you relax but also improve your immune system.