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Monetize Your Passion for Massaging – Explore the Opportunities in Sazhie.


Has anyone ever told you that you give a great massage? If so,

now you can get more than just compliments for giving massages thanks to Sazhie.



What is Sazhie?

Sazhie is a network of massage therapists who are passionate about massage. Sazhie gives you a chance to get paid for your skills by connecting you with clients. The network will soon serve clients from over 25 cities across the U.S.


The Sazhie platform is based on bidding, whereby you set your price and make a pitch to attract potential clients. The average bid for most massages is about $80 per an hour, though some are higher and lower based on the requirements.


Over time, you will grow your reputation through positive reviews from satisfied clients. As your profile grows, more and more people will request your services. When this time comes, you will be able to generate enough money to dedicate all your time to something you love.

How do I get paid?

Sazhie provides the ideal structure for monetizing your passion for massage as the client pays Sazhie at the time of booking along with an standard 18% gratuity. Once the massage is completed and the client leaves feedback for you, the funds will be direct deposited each week to your bank account.

How Do I Join Sazhie?

Signing up on Sazhie is easy and fast. The first step is to register and then upload a government ID to verify your identity. Lastly, you’ll fill out your profile and you’re done! Sazhie will then send you notifications of clients looking for a masseur or masseuse, after which you can bid away.


Joining Sazhie is free, and you do not have to be a professional masseur or masseuse. However, you are required to have your own supplies for the job including lotions and massage tables.

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