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What is Sazhie?

Sazhie is a network of independent licensed massage therapists who are passionate about massage. Sazhie allows you to get paid for your skills by connecting you with clients. The network will soon serve clients from over 27 cities across the U.S.


The Sazhie platform is based on bidding, whereby you give your bid to clients who are seeking to get a massage. The average earning for most massages is about $110 per an hour. though some are higher and lower based on the requirements.


Over time, you will grow your reputation through positive reviews from satisfied clients. As your profile grows, more and more people will request your services. When this time comes, you will be able to generate enough money to dedicate all your time to something you love.

Keep Your Tips


Earn tips from your massages and keep the whole amount — they’re yours.


Make More Money


You set your own price, Sazhie takes a industry low 20% of your bid.


Best Community


The Sazhie community is full of awesome, friendly people — clients and therapist alike.

Make any day your a payday


A first in the massage industry, Sazhie set to launch Insta Pay


Money doesn’t grow on trees. But coming soon, it’s can be delivered at the tap of a button. Insta Pay is the Sazhie-exclusive feature that allows therapist to cash out whenever they want, instantly and the funds will be in your bank account within minutes after completing the massage.

Commonly Asked Questions From Therapists


How Does the Auction Process Work?

1. The client posts a description of the type of massage desired on Sazhie.


2. You receive a text alert letting you know a massage has been posted for your area.


3. Log in to the Sazhie site.


4. Click on the “Open Massage” tab at the top of our page.


5. Be sure to check to see if the client requested a male or female before bidding.


6. If the massage desired is a good fit for you, bid on it!


7. The auction remains open for 48 hours. During this time, the client reviews profiles, bids and reviews before choosing a therapist.


8. If you are chosen, you’ll communicate with the client through our convenient messaging system.

Will I Be Able to See Other Bids?

No, you can only see your own bids. Your bid should be based upon what you feel that your time and talent are worth.

Do Sessions go to the Lowest Bid?

No. In fact, they rarely do.


You might think that clients will always think with their wallets. But the clients who use our site are looking for value. They’re not just looking for a “cheap massage.”


Value means the highest quality for the lowest price.


Demonstrate that you have a lot to offer. Get great reviews on our site. And clients will see your service as worth more.


They’ll be willing to pay more to get your service. And they’ll still feel like it’s a great value.

How often do I get paid?

For any massages you do from Monday – Sunday, we send payments out on Wednesday of each week unless you do instant payments when that gets released.

Do I have to be licensed?

Yes, in order to start bidding on any massages, we must have a copy of your photo ID, massage license and insurance.

How do I Communicate with Clients?

You’ll communicate through Sazhie’s easy messaging system. You’ll be able to confirm the appointment time and place with your client this way once you place your bid..

Do I Need To Provide My Own Supplies?

As an independent contractor, you’re responsible for providing all materials needed to deliver your massage, including oils, location etc.

Will I Ever Go To A Client's Home?

If you want, the client may request to have the massage done in his/her home. You’ll be able to see if the client requests this before you bid. If you want them to come to you, then don’t bid on that massage.

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