Welcome to Sazhie!

Are you ready for the masseuse/client revolution? Well, you’re just in time. Sazhie is a revolutionary new site that lets independent “massage therapists set up profiles and also bid on local massages in their areas. If you are a professional or your just really good at giving a massage, then you are in the right place. If you flip to the next page, you’ll see a place where you can set up your profile. You can fill out an About Me section, and you’ll also want to upload a nice photograph of yourself. Then, once you’ve set up your profile, we’ll review it, and we’ll be in touch with any questions. Sounds good, no?

As a Sazhie therapist, you get to keep all but $10 of what you bid on local massages. If you offer to work with a client for $85, you get to keep $75, and the client pays the remaining $10 to us. It’s pretty simple, and we do indeed plan to keep you busy.


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